About Us

Paracombe Premium Perry was born in 2012 and is the initiative of Damian McArdle, a 4th generation pear grower and 1st generation Perry maker.

Damian has been making award winning Perry & Cider ever since, sourcing the finest tree ripened pears from his family orchard, Chamberlain Orchards in Paracombe, South Australia.

Paracombe Premium Perry was established after winning multiple awards including many first places in South Australian country shows.

Damian takes passion to a new level, living and breathing everything pear shaped. With creative flair, the self taught Perry maker creates the finest hand crafted Perry using the best quality fruit, unique processes and minimal human intervention.

Paracombe Premium Perry is strictly 100% South Australian Owned, Grown and Produced, with NO CONCENTRATES, just 100% FRESH SA JUICE.

Our Products

All made using no concentrates, just 100% fresh juice, love and passion.


Hand Crafted – Sweet Perry

The Berg is a unique sweet South Australian Perry, made with organically grown Lemon Bergamot pears.  Once one of the finest eating pears only grown in SA, they now face extinction so we have saved our plantation to produce a Perry like no other.  Not even the Vics can match this one!


Hand Crafted – Dry Perry

Eighty years ago Errol Chamberlain created Chamberlain Orchards.  Four generations later, great grandson Damian uses the original trees to produce this semi dry Perry on the original orchard.

Made with organically grown pears.


Hand Crafted – Semi Dry Perry

Back in 1896, an Australian named Charles Henry Packham developed a cross between a ‘Bell Pear’ and a ‘Williams’, soon to be called ‘Packhams Triumph’.

For the last eight decades we have perfected growing the variety under the guidance of Erroll, Ron and John and now created a Perry which is a Triumph in itself!

Made with organically grown pears.


Hand Crafted – Original Perry

The creation of every pear begins with a bud. During the sunny spring days in Paracombe the bud blossoms into five perfect petals. At this point Chamberlain Orchards becomes a beautiful sea of white, as it has since 1932.

This Perry is a reminder of the Perfect 5 – that things only get better! Full flavoured, original style Perry.

Made with organically grown pears.


Hand Crafted Perry

Mystery is a wonderful thing and at Paracombe Premium Perry we are always pushing the boundaries with endless experiments to bring you the most creative, hand crafted perry known to man.  An ever-changing style awaits, what will you be treated to today?

Made with organically grown pears.


Hand Crafted – Original Style Cider

Pure SA apple juice is cool fermented and once the top pops off creates a free flowing appleanche, luckily limited by the size of our bottles!

All the hard work has been done, the apples organically grown, picked and crushed, now it’s the time to enjoy the fruits of our labour.

Awards & News

Damian has won multiple awards for his Perry and also his innovative ideas.

During his time as an amateur Perry maker, Damian won:

1st Places: 4 times
2nd Places: 2 times

Over two years at the Gawler Show, South Australia’s largest country show. Backing up two years in a row with first places and positive feedback from a range of professionals inspired Damian to establish Paracombe Premium Perry.

1st February 2015:
2015 Australian Fruit Wine and Cider Show
Paracombe Premium Perry was awarded:

Best Contemporary Perry in Show for The Berg
Bronze for ‘The Triumph’ and ‘Perfect 5’
Silver for ‘The Berg’

Past Awards

10th October 2014

2014 Australian Cider Awards

Paracombe Premium Perry has been awarded bronze medals for both ‘The Triumph’ and the ‘Perfect 5’.  Now making three out of our four perry styles are current national award winners!  We couldn’t be happier with the results.

13th February 2014:

2014 Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards

Paracombe Premium Perry is now a Silver Medalist with ‘Appleanche’ our Premium Cider.  Finishing at the top of our class with the strong competition of Dirty Granny, Napoleone Apple Cider, Pipsqueak Apple, Aussie Cider and Mercury to name a few.  Couldn’t be a better way to start the year!   http://www.rasv.com.au/Events/RMFF_Home/RMFF_Results

18th October 2013

2013 Australian Cider

Paracombe Premium Perry is now a Bronze Medalist with ‘The Berg’!  In our class we mixed with the big boys of Perry, coming equal bronze with: Bullmers Pear Cider, James Squire Perry, Magners Pear Irish Cider, Strongbow Pear Cider and best of all we are South Australian and damn proud of it!

Damian was awarded the Ag Bureau of South Australia’s Peter Olsen Fellowship for Young Farmers. Damian was awarded this for his vision for value adding and creating a new market for juice grade fruit in a struggling market for growers.

Damian will be travelling to the UK, Netherlands and Italy in June 2013 where he will have a one on one Perry making course with world renowned Cider and Perry maker, Peter Mitchell from Mitchell Food and Drink. Whilst in the UK Damian will also be visiting Tom Oliver from Olivers Cider and Perry, Skyborry Cider and Perry and Rathayss Cider and Perry.