Blend Your Own Cider

Join founder and cider maker Damian McArdle for a fun filled “Blend your own” experience.

Start with an organic apple cider base and blend using different juices while learning how to produce an amazing cider.

Paracombe Premium Perry grows organic fruit which they blend to perfection in their exceptional ciders. All of their products are made using 100% fresh pears and apples. In this fun and informative session, Damian will explain to you exactly how to crush, ferment and prepare fresh apples to create your own delicious cider.

Using a range of different products to adjust mouthfeel, flavour and sweetness, Damian will take you on the journey of blending a base cider to your taste explaining every step along the way.

You will leave this hands-on experience with a deep appreciation for organic farming and an understanding of why Paracombe Premium Perry believe it’s important to grow and use organic fruit in their products.

Passionate host Damian will share plenty of tricks for you to keep up your sleeves so you can continue your cider journey at home.

Finish off the experience by analysing your blend to better understand different aspects of your finished product.

This experience is fun, engaging and absolutely no prior cider-making experience is required.

Minimum of 2 guests are required for this experience to depart.