Cider Making

Join the founder and cider maker Damian McArdle for an educational fun “Cider Making” experience and learn the art of cider making from tree to bottle.

A must for the aspiring homebrewer or those wanting to learn the fine art of cider making.

Paracombe Premium Perry grows organic fruit which they blend to perfection in their exceptional ciders. All of our products are made using 100% fresh organic pears and apples.

In this fun and informative session, Damian will teach you how to select, crush and prepare your own fruit for fermentation, learning crucial information along the way to produce amazing cider. Once we have prepared the fermentation, we will jump to blending the base product to ensure every step is understood and taught in a hands on way, where you become the cidermaker yourself.

Educational, fun and hands on, you will leave with a good knowledge on cider production, including a book of notes for you to take home!

Minimum of 2 guests are required for this experience to depart.