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Blend Your Own Experience


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Product Description

Our ‘Blend Your Own’ experience is exclusive with our Perry maker and is perfect for those that want an educational experience that is plain fun!

This experience is available individually or as a small group and will teach you the art of blending and educate you on how different everyone’s palate is.  We start with a base cider, then go through a process of using various products to create different flavour profiles and mouth feel, to show how much variation you can have in a product!  After this experience, guests can confidently blend cider at home with a greater understanding of the variables and how to rectify it.

There will be a mini competition, for bragging rights and we will help you have an absolute blast!

Allow approx 1.5hrs

$110.00 per person

Booking is essential.  Please call to book a suitable time.

For further details please email or ring 0402 082 532.


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